Power up your work with Keroty

Power up your work with Keroty

Get the Job Done in Any Field

Our tractors are highly durable and can withstand extreme conditions for long-term use. The use of high-quality materials gives them exceptional durability.

High efficiency

Tractors can complete a large amount of work in a short amount of time, improving work efficiency.

Superior versatility

Tractors can be used in different fields and tasks, providing various usage and solutions.

Exceptional durability

Tractors have exceptional durability and can withstand extreme conditions for long-term use.

Energy efficient

Garden tractor

They usually come equipped with a central control panel for ease of operation and a variety of attachments, such as lawn mower blades, grass collection bags, snow blades, plows, etc., allowing for different cutting and processing purposes.

Powerful engine

utility tractor

Utility Tractors typically have excellent performance in various working environments and can be customized to meet users’ different needs by adding various attachments, such as plows, edge trimmers, forks, graders, etc.

large-scale agricultural production

Professional Tractor

Professional Tractors are typically used in large-scale agricultural production and construction sites. They have high-performance engines and reliable performance, and can perform well in various work environments.

Why Choose Our Services?

We offer a full range of customizable products that can be tailored to customers’ specific needs to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Tell us about your requirements

  • Whether you need small household tractors or large agricultural tractors, we can provide ideal solutions.

  • our tractors have high-performance engines and reliable performance, which can perform well in different working environments, making your work more efficient and easier.

  • We provide customized production to minimize costs and improve efficiency, ensuring that customers get the best quality products.

To help you choose the right tractor for your needs

By considering factors such as your work conditions, land size and layout, and financial budget, we can help you find a customized solution that meets your unique requirements.

Industry Applications

Our products are widely used in various industries, including agriculture, construction, and mining.


Tractors are widely used in agriculture to accomplish critical tasks such as tilling, planting, fertilizing, and plowing, significantly enhancing agricultural productivity and yields.


Tractors have a wide range of applications in the construction industry, including land leveling, goods transportation, demolition of buildings, and road construction, significantly improving work efficiency and quality in the industry.


In the mining industry, tractors are primarily used for mechanized mining and underground transportation operations, playing an integral role in enhancing mineral extraction efficiency, reducing labor intensity, and ensuring production safety in mines.