Using tractors on the farm is a common practice in modern agricultural production. Tractors not only increase agricultural productivity effectively but also reduce labor intensity. More importantly, they help farmers reduce labor time and agricultural production costs, thereby realizing more stable and sustainable economic development. However, using tractors is not risk-free, and attention should be paid to some precautions when using them.

Firstly, a comprehensive inspection of all parts of the tractor is necessary to ensure that each component is functioning normally without faults or damages. During the inspection process, it is necessary to confirm:

  • sufficient fuel and water levels of the tractor;
  • normal tire pressure of the tractor;
  • sensitive braking of the tractor;
  • normal lights of the tractor;
  • wear or damage of the operating handle, pedal, etc. of the tractor.

These aspects need to be checked to ensure that these parts operate normally, thereby preventing accidents and equipment damage caused by tractor failures.

Secondly, before the tractor starts running, it is essential to ensure that the driver has received necessary training and has the qualifications and skills to operate the tractor. The driver needs to understand the functions and operation methods of each component of the tractor, as well as know how to park correctly and prevent the tractor from overturning in emergencies.

Additionally, when driving a tractor, attention should be paid to the following aspects:

  • do not exceed the speed limit when driving a tractor, control the speed appropriately, abide by traffic rules, and arrange the driving route reasonably;
  • the driver of the tractor needs to stay sober and focused to ensure concentration while driving the tractor;
  • during the tractor driving process, maintain a safe distance and avoid colliding with other farming equipment and crops.

Finally, it is essential to maintain and regularly maintain the tractor during tractor driving, regularly replace the oil and filter. If any problems occur, contact professional personnel promptly to prevent malfunctions and damages caused by improper or untimely maintenance.

In conclusion, the use of tractors on the farm plays an extremely important role, but there are also certain safety hazards that need to pay enough attention. Only by strictly following the operating procedures can we make full use of the agility and high efficiency of the tractor to assist agricultural production, and contribute to achieving better economic benefits and quality of life.